November 10, 2023

Continuing to Strengthen Our Team

Continuim Equity Partners is pleased to announce the continued growth of the Firm and to highlight our differentiated team of Investment, Operations, Origination, and Finance & Administration professionals. Over the past year, the following individuals have joined Continuim or have been promoted based on their contributions to the Firm:

New Team Members

  • Alex Guirrero, Finance and Administration Team
  • Antonio Ionadi, Associate, Investment Team
  • Christopher Horan, Associate, Origination Team
  • Hannah Stieving, Finance and Administration Team
  • Nick Bennardo, Finance and Administration Team
  • Peter Strome, Vice President, Investment Team
  • Webb Harrington, Associate, Investment Team

Existing Team Member Promotions

  • Tyler Baum, Associate, Investment Team
  • Jeremy Merich, Vice President, Investment Team

George Pilafas, Managing Partner of Continuim, stated “We are proud to have assembled such a talented and cohesive team at Continuim Equity Partners. Each individual reflects our values and guiding principles, and our team’s collective expertise is a reinforcement of our commitment to be a differentiated, value-added investor to support the growth of successful manufacturing and industrial businesses.”

Members of the Portfolio Operations Team are employed or retained by Continuim and certain amounts paid to or received by members of the Portfolio Operations team may be paid by one or more Continuim-sponsored vehicles, portfolio companies or prospective portfolio companies and, in any such case, such amounts will not offset or otherwise reduce any management fee received by Continuim.