Utilizing Our EDGE

Advancing the growth of successful manufacturing and industrial businesses

In partnership with former ownership and our management teams, we lead with Lean and implement our Operational Playbook to aim to change the trajectory of our portfolio companies.

Featured Case Studies

Anker Industries

Continuim’s Operational Playbook led to capacity creation and transformative growth for Anker Industries, a leading supplier of metallurgical powders and briquettes, aluminum process, and slag design services.

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Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions

Enhanced operational flows, strategic capital investment, and an enhanced Go-To-Market strategy led to significant growth for Merlot Vango, a manufacturer of panelized retractable tarping systems.

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Cutting Edge Machining & Automation

Continuim is executing a capabilities-focused acquisition strategy to better serve the needs of domestic OEMs for Cutting Edge Machining & Automation, a diversified, automation-enabled precision machining platform.

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Portfolio Companies

We lead with Lean

Our EDGE Operational Playbook and shop-floor first approach seek to create value and accelerate growth for our portfolio companies.