Anker Industries

Continuim Investment Date:
June, 2021

Continuim Realization Date:
December, 2023

Anker Industries Company Overview

Established in 1975 and located in Turtle Creek, PA, Anker Industries is a leading manufacturer of metallurgical powders and briquettes, while also providing aluminum processing and slag design services for the largest steel producers in North America.

Continuim is pleased to have partnered with Rich Antonelli, former President of Anker, and to the successful implementation of our Efficiency Driven Growth Engine (EDGE) to expand the Company’s production capacity by over 100%, enhance Anker’s sales force and go to market strategy, diversify the Company’s customer base and product mix, and upgrade the facilities.

George Pilafas, Managing Partner of Continuim Equity Partners, stated “Pittsburgh’s rich steelmaking history and Anker’s proven history of successful cash flow generation as a differentiated supplier to the domestic steel market made the Company an ideal acquisition. Anker was a foundational investment for our firm, and we are proud to have successfully implemented our Operational Playbook to grow the Company and to carry on the Company’s legacy.”