Cutting Edge Machining & Automation

Continuim Investment Date:
November, 2022

Cutting Edge Machining & Automation Company Overview

With multiple locations across the East Coast, Cutting Edge Machining & Automation is a diversified, multi-capability, automation-enabled precision machining platform. Cutting Edge Machining & Automation provides tight tolerance metal and plastic components and offers automation solutions for blue-chip customers across a variety of end markets.

The platform was launched with the acquisition of CEMS, a leading Swiss-Style CNC manufacturer that excels in producing small, high-precision, long-run components. Located in Clearfield, PA, CEMS has grown steadily due to its commitment to quality and to continuously improving its manufacturing capabilities, which include Swiss-Style CNC machining, wire-EDM, laser marking, and assembly services across various material types.

Continuim then partnered with Brian Knopp through acquiring Quality Tooling & Repair, Inc (“QTR”) and Cobot Systems LLC. Located near Pittsburgh, PA, QTR specializes in traditional 3, 4, and 5-axis precision machining, sheet metal cutting, and complex assembly solutions. Cobot Systems provides in-house automation expertise for the platform, in addition to serving as a systems integrator of practical robotics solutions for CNC machine tending, laser welding, and other industrial applications.

To continue expanding the platform’s manufacturing capabilities and production capacity, Continuim acquired N.E. Davis Company in Pittsburgh, PA, Comco Plastics, Inc. in Long Island, NY, and Dynamac, Inc., in Chicago, IL. These acquisitions enhance the range of materials that the platform can machine and add fully automated production capabilities to allow the platform to offer rapid turnaround times and cost-effective prices for high-volume precision components.

Continuim is excited to work with the talented team of employees at Cutting Edge Machining & Automation to seek to pursue operational excellence and to continue to drive transformative growth by implementing Continuim’s Efficiency Driven Growth Engine (“EDGE”).

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