Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions

Continuim Investment Date:
September, 2021

Continuim Realized Date:
August, 2023

Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions Company Overview

Founded in 1960, and headquartered in Verona, PA, Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions is a leading manufacturer of high-quality retractable tarp systems designed to increase efficiency, maximize uptime, and improve driver safety.

As the original inventor and patent holder of the panelized tarping system, Merlot has been a leader and innovator in the industry for decades. The Company has earned its reputation as a customer service-oriented supplier of premium tarping solutions.

Merlot’s flagship product, the Vango 21, is a panelized rolling tarp system used to cover flatbed trailers and drop deck trailers. The Company also provides tarping solutions for heavy-duty dump trailers and truck bodies and other niche applications, in addition to prompt delivery of replacement parts and timely repair services at its facility.

Continuim is pleased to have to partnered with the Company’s President, Bob Schwab, and the rest of the talented team at Merlot to grow the business and to implement our Operational Playbook during our investment period. We are proud of the changes that were made to significantly increase production and installation capacity through implementing Lean manufacturing initiatives, diversify and expand the customer base, advance product innovation, and to further strengthen the Merlot brand as we carried on the legacy of the Merlot family.

Robert Schwab, President of Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions, said, “Continuim is not your typical Equity Partnership. Their refreshing approach and powerful business model enabled us to unlock capacity to achieve unprecedented growth and profitability.”

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